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Monday, May 23, 2005

My father

Many of my friends and colleagues have been asking me for a while when I'd be creating a blog. I never really had much interest. Besides, I was too busy reading other people's blogs to devote any time to my own.

But I started thinking about creating a blog more seriously as a certain anniversary approached. My father passed away one year ago yesterday. He passed away suddenly and at way too young an age. My father was a very creative person. He was a very good artist and an excellent amateur photographer. And so almost one year later I found myself thinking about something creative I could do to celebrate his life. Unfortunately, I didn't inherit his artistic gifts. My sister (and now it appears her daugher Leigha) was the lucky recipient. But I'm a geek. I like techie things. I write software for a living. That's my art. But this is not the type of art that's easy to share with others.

But then I also realized that my father was a techie too. He loved playing with his computer and calling me up to ask me why they didn't make these things easier for people to use. He also had a penchant for home automation. He had set up BSR X-10 units to control the lighting in his house which drove my mother crazy. We used to joke that you couldn't turn on a light in that house without an instruction manual.

So I decided that creating a blog was a good techie thing to do and about as artistic an endeavor as I'm capable of. A short time after my father died, I created a Web site as a sort of tribute to him. It contains a number of cards and letters my family received in the days following his death. I hope to add some of his photos to the site soon to balance the rememberances of his death with those of his life.

And from time to time I might post some additional thoughts of my own about my father...

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