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Friday, May 27, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

OK. I saw it. First off, I LOVED IT! But I'm a complete sucker for well done escapist movies. Especially when they're sci-fi escapist movies. And even more so when they're Star Wars sci-fi escapist movies. I also agree with much of Ned's take on this movie. Some of it seemed contrived and way too easy. Especially how readily Anakin embraced the Dark Side. This should have been a setup for Luke feeling the good in his father in Episode 6 but there just wasn't anything there.

Warning: I'm going to give away a scene that happens toward the end of the movie so don't read the next paragraph if you don't want to know...

Interestingly, one scene I found absolutely gut-wrenching was one in which you could see no facial expressions. It was immediately after Anakin is fitted with his Darth Vader suit and the first thing he says in the James Earl Jones/Darth Vader voice is "where's Padme?" That really got me.

A question many parents want answered is whether they should bring their young Star Wars fans to see ROTS. I guess it depends on your child. My son Luke (no, we didn't name him after that Luke) is 8 1/2 years old and many of his friends have already seen it. My wife and I have decided that Luke won't be going to see this movie. He's way too sensitive. There's quite a bit of violence both explicit and implicit that I don't think he'd deal with very well. And even though he completely understands that nice Anakin transforms into bad Darth Vader, I think he'd be having nightmares for weeks about this. I think I'm going to be having nightmares about this... When I explained (without giving too much away) why I didn't want him to see ROTS, he said, "Maybe we should wait until it comes out on DVD". I agree...

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