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Saturday, May 28, 2005

There's something in the hair...

My wife, Sha, is of French extraction. Her mother is from Bordeaux and her father was French-Canadian. Both of her parents taught French and spoke French at home, so Sha was raised bilingually. She speaks French just about as well as she speaks English and both with no accent. I've become quite a francophile in the 20+ years I've known my wife and can speak a little French. Not well enough given the 7 years of French I took starting in the 5th grade...

I've always been amused at the inadvertent slips of the tongue that can occur when you're speaking a foreign language. I don't even want to know what silly things I've said when speaking with Sha's relatives.

I also work with two Frenchmen. Sylvain has been in the states for quite a while and speaks English better than I do. Philippe recently moved to the US to work on the same project I do. His English is excellent but sometimes he accidentally says something pretty amusing either because he uses the wrong word or phrase or pronounces something with a French accent.

A couple of days ago, we had a pretty funny conversation because of this. We were discussing French food--specifically saucisson, which is a French sausage. Because of customs regulations, you can't bring saucission from France into this country. But some people manage to sneak it in. Not that I'm condoning that practice mind you... Anyway, I was discussing this with Philippe and he said, "You have to bring the ones in the packages without the hair." Without the hair? Huh? Is this some sort of authentic way of packaging saucisson of which I was not aware? Have I been eating inauthentic saucisson all these years? After some discussion, I finally figured out that he was talking about saucisson in cryovac packaging and what he was really saying was, "you have to bring the ones in the packages without the air."

J'aime les francais! ;-)

Here's a similar one I did. Shortly after I moved to Newfoundland, I had a delicious meal, made with moose meat.

I wrote a friend of mine about this great "curried mouse dish" I had.

Needless to say, I heard about it for quite a while!
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