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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The cathartic value of after-work drinking

And speaking of martinis...

I get together for drinks with a group of colleagues once a week after work. There's a restaurant directly across the street with a large bar at which we've become regulars. Jamie (bartender par excellence) sometimes has our drinks on the table even before we've sat down. I feel a Cheers moment coming on...

We used to call this the "Thursday Evening Drinking Club." But some (mostly the single ones) ended up there a bit more frequently and so "Thursday" really became more of a euphemism. And on certain days, some of us were so fed up with work that we ended up there a bit earlier than could be justifiably called "evening." Eventually we started referring to the destination by nicknames such as "WTF6" or "The Hall of Justice." I can't really explain the "WTF6" without giving away information about where I work. And you never know what a company considers confidential information these days. For all I know, the fact that many of us are driven to drink by the environment in which we work might be considered proprietary ;-)

But I digress...

We meet every week for reasons you can probably guess: to bitch about work. We do talk about other things, but the discussion invariably returns to work. I think most of us find these "meetings" quite therapeutic. You gets to vent a bit and also know that others are going through the same thing. And sometimes you find out that some folks are not going through the same thing, which gives you hope. Support and advice on how to deal with various situations at work is also plentiful. But even more important are the people. I work with a lot of great engineers who I like very much and who also happen to be great people. And most of these folks show up every Thursday evening at the "HOJ." Since many of us work on different teams, it's one of the few opportunities for all of us to get together to shoot the...breeze.

I really look forward to this time every week. And the martinis are pretty good too...

Hi Brian,

I'm glad you're blogging! I have you on my bloglines subscription list now. All that talk about martini's provoked me to break out the equipment and the frozen Vodka for some home made beverages. Thanks Brian!.

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