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Monday, September 26, 2005

Don Adams

Don Adams passed away yesterday. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last 35 years or so (or are much younger than I am), Don Adams was the star of the comedy series Get Smart--an absolutely brilliant sitcom of the late-60s written by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. I loved this show even before I got all the Brooksian psuedo-Judaic humor. I can remember my father doing a wonderful imitation of Maxwell Smart. "Would you believe...it's bedtime?".

I loved the opening credits in which Maxwell Smart made his way through multiple door configurations to finally wind up at the telephone booth that would drop him into CONTROL headquarters with all the flair of Batman on the batpole. I loved his arch-nemesis Siegfried and his sidekick Starker, Hymie the robot, Harry Hoo, The "Craw" and of course, the lovely Agent 99.

Rest in peace Don Adams...

I asked you not to tell me that.

Like the Batman TV series, Get Smart worked on many levels. I loved the original run of Get Smart as a kid -- before I got many of the jokes. By the time I got to college, it was in syndication. My buddies and I would drop what we were doing to watch it every afternoon.

I haven't seen Get Smart in years, but I remember lots of the running jokes. The "Cone of Silence" was my favorite.
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