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Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's the winning that counts

Those of you in the greater Boston area may listen to WBOS radio. This week, in honor of Billy Joel being in town, they're running a contest where they give a lyric from a Billy Joel song and you have to sing the next line. If you get it right, you win the new Billy Joel boxed set and you're entered in a drawing to win a pair of tix to see Billy at the Garden.

I'm pretty sure I know all of the lyrics to every Billy Joel song, but the hard part about these contests is just getting through on the phone. In this case, you had to be the first caller. So while I was cooking dinner tonight, my wife was listening attentively to WBOS. The second it sounded like the DJ was going start the contest, she started dialing. And we got through! So those of you listening to BOS early this evening may have heard me sing one line from "Brenda and Eddy". And so we won the boxed set and maybe we'll even win the concert tix...

And you know what? The fact that I already have the boxed set and just today we paid scalper prices for Billy Joel tix didn't diminish the experience one bit. It's the winning that counts! ;-)

That's awesome. I knew you were talented Brian, but total recall of Billy Joel lyrics, now that's really something.
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