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Friday, April 28, 2006

Movin' Out

No, this isn't a Billy Joel-related post.

In my previous post I mentioned that I'm changing jobs. I'll be taking a position at Nokia working on software for small devices (cell phones, PDAs, etc.). I'm pretty excited to be getting into a new area of computing. I've never worked on small devices before. I've spent the last 6+ years working on the server side of large enterprise-level products.

You may have noticed that I've never mentioned my (now former) employer by name. There's a good reason for this--I'm afraid to. A friend of mine earned a call from the legal department after posting some unflattering comments regarding the company and its work environment. They asserted that he had violated his employee agreement by releasing confidential information. An outrageous claim, but he wisely removed the post rather than go to court with a company that probably has more lawyers than most companies have employees.

I'm sure I could wax poetic about the many reasons I decided to leave, but I've already done that a number of times albeit in much less public forums than this. I'm leaving an environment in which a product that could have been great was destroyed by mismanagement and politics. And a fantastic group of engineers (the best I've ever worked with) who should have felt like they were changing the world, were instead made to feel powerless and inconsequential. I shared many of my specfic complaints with my former management. Hopefully, they'll take these concerns to heart and try to change things before we see a lot more posts like this...

On a more positive note, I would like to say that the last 3+ weeks since I resigned have been fantastic. As is often the case in these situations, I received a lot of positive feedback from my colleagues about the contributions I had made over the past few years. This really helped me feel a lot more confident in my abilities than I had in years. I also got to take a much-needed vacation with my family (details in a future post) which was made that much sweeter knowing that I was going to be starting a brand-new job when it was over. I was also treated to a killer going away party courtesy of some good friends. It was exactly what I wanted. Thanks guys! I'm sure they'll understand when I say that I have absolutely no regrets in leaving other than no longer having the privilege of working, lunching, and drinking with you. Although I'm sure we'll still have the opportunity to engage in the latter two activities from time to time.

Good luck to you all...

Best of luck in the new job, Brian. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

That they may have made you less confident in your abilities than you had been and ought to be is a sad testament to your former employer's lack of appreciation for talent, never mind business acumen. There should be no regrets there.

Keep in touch, and best wishes at Nokia.
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Relish your new freedom from the bonds of blue-atude. I know you'll be happily surprised by just how much saner the outside world is. My only regret was not leaving earlier.
Brian, I wish you all good things in the new job - you're a fabulous engineer and I hope Nokia knows exactly how lucky they are to have you!
Brian, it's just not the same without you across the hall to pester! You're sorely missed and I've only been back a day! Best of luck at Nokia too.
You'll be missed both on and off the field. Good luck and best wishes.
Good for you Brian, best of luck, and may you mention your new company by name often!
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