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Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's summertime, summertime...

sum, sum, summertime...

Yesterday was the first day of Summer! I love this season. Love the heat. Love the swimming. Of course, I might not love it quite as much if I didn't live relatively close to major bodies of water. And, oh yeah, the air conditioning helps too. It hasn't rained for a couple of days now so I'm feeling pretty good about Summer so far...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Innuwindow

My good friends Jeff and Ellen Kaplan are the owners of Innuwindow--a curtain store located in Natick, MA. They've just opened a new store in Danvers. If you're in the market for window treatments, I recommend you stop by (and tell them I sent you).

Movin' Out !!

OK, this time this post is about Billy Joel.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I went to see Movin' Out, the musical choreographed by Twyla Tharp to the music of Billy Joel. This is a fantastic show even if you're not a Billy Joel fanatic like me. Backing the brilliant dancers was Darren Holden on piano and vocals who on some songs seemed like he was channeling Billy while lending his own personal interpretation to others. I have to admit that I initially didn't like the fact that some guy was doing Billy Joel covers, but I quickly got over it. The dancing was uniquely Twyla Tharp--extremely physical and a bit avant garde which kept the energy level high throughout the show. The ambiance of the recently refurbished Opera House completed the experience.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you see this show.

Special thanks to our friends Jeff and Ellen who provided us with these tickets.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Deep Kimchee

The Boston Sunday Globe on May 28 had an article about the health benefits of kimchee. For those not acquainted with Korean cuisine, kimchee is a spicy concoction made from fermented cabbage. It's not to everyone's taste, but I love it. Unfortunately, it's also pretty pungent and so my wife has declared our house a no-kimchi zone. But every now and then (usually when she's away) I sneak in a jar.

So I was happy to learn that a recent study in Korea found that kimchee could reduce stress levels and wrinkles...in mice. I never knew that mice led such stressful lives. Regardless, I think I'll need to point out these benefits to my wife. But I think I'll leave out the other referenced studies that suggest that kimchee and soy bean pastes may contribute to gastric cancer. In people...not mice.

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