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Monday, October 16, 2006

Vienna Teng

I recently became aware of a great singer/songwriter named Vienna Teng. She combines elements of two of my favorite female artists, Tori Amos and Aimee Mann, with her own distinct style. She's been around for a few years now so I guess I'm coming late to the party. To keep up withthe latest news about Vienna, I created a Google Alert. One of the first hits I received was an interview from artima.com written in June of 2003 by Bill Venners called, How Vienna Escaped the Cubicle. Turns out that Vienna was a Java programmer before she "escaped" to become a full-time singer/songwriter. How cool is that? I love this question from Bill Venners:

But what were the mechanics involved of actually going from typing public static void main in a cubicle at Cisco to performing your music on Dave Letterman?

I'm pretty sure I've never been asked that question...

I seen her live

here's the link to my blog


I haven't heard much of Vienna Teng, but what I have heard I've liked. Didn't realize she used to do Java.

On the off chance you're interested in other up-and-coming *cough* singer-songwriters trying to escape a lifetime of Java servitude, you might want to see this embarassing music video:


You should update more often!
Well, you are a man of many talents Brian! I wouldn't be embarassed at all by that video. I hope to posting soon about a new singer/writer who used to be a Ruby on Rails programmer ;-)
brian g.,
I enjoy the video. I lot better than most music videos I seen.
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