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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Five things you didn't know about me

Tagged by Pete

  1. You probably already know that I'm a software engineer. But you maybe you didn't know that I've been writing code since I was about 12. That's not so impressive nowadays, but back then I guess I was considered an "early geek."
  2. I was actually going to be a Biomedical Engineer and was in that program at BU. However, having to get my Phd (which my father used to say stood for "piled higher and deeper") to do anything exciting in that field was incompatible with my severe dislike of school. So I switched majors at the last second to Electrical Engineering and then when I couldn't get hired during the recession of the early 80s, lucked into a software job at Computervision (if you're too young to remember Computervision, they invented CAD/CAM) and the rest is history.
  3. My wife is 66% French and speaks French comme une vraie francaise. The 66% percent thing comes from the fact that her mother is 100% French (from Bordeaux) and her father was of French-Canadian descent, but born in the U.S. Of course, she's also a citizen of both France and the U.S. so maybe that makes her either 50% or 100% French?
  4. I'd really rather be a gourmet chef rather than a software engineer. And I'd do it if it weren't for the: much lower pay, dealing with what other people think of your work on a daily basis, having to be on my feet (or awake at all for that matter) 12+ hours a day,...
  5. I don't feel any pressure to blog daily. I only blog when I have something to say. I guess that makes me the Mr. Ed of blogging...

Unfortunately, everyone I'd tag has already been tagged...

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