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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why you should vote for Martha Coakley

Are you thinking of voting for another candidate because you dislike Martha Coakley? Here's a reason to vote for Martha.

Vote for Martha because you want to give Barak Obama as much of a chance as possible to lead. The fact is that although there are many opinions, no one knows for sure how to fix the economy; how to fix healthcare; how to defeat terrorists; how best to get aid to Haiti. Healthy debate is fine and is supposedly the hallmark of our system of government. But all too often our system of checks and balances results in paralysis. Problems are solved by strong leaders. So whether you think Barak Obama is right or wrong. Whether you think he's a strong leader or ineffectual. Give Barak Obama every opportunity to lead. Give Barak Obama the opportunity to see his agenda to its conclusion, regardless of whether the result is success or failure. Because no one knows at this point which way it will go.

Bipartisanship is nice, but the cost more often than not is compromise for the sake of compromise. This solves no problems. Scott Brown appears to be well-meaning and honest. But although he would have you believe that voting for him will tip the scales in favor of the Republican agenda, it will not. It will only add to the stagnation to which our government seems so susceptible.

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